Information Wants to be Free

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"Information Wants to be Free" är det första albumet i Mattias Elftorps engelskspråkiga serie "Piracy is Liberation". Det utgavs av C'est Bon Kultur 2005, men en tidigare version hade publicerades i fanzinet C'est Bon nr 2.


Ur förordet:
Piracy is Liberation is set in the far future. After the apocalypse came true (not necessarily the biblical one, but the one that it was an interpretation of), the world and humankind has restarted. It is still taking its first steps, but is unsure of what direction to go. The old world is dead, long live the new flesh!

The City-world of "Piracy is Liberation" is a world without history. The texts sometimes included in the infotrip sessions stand apart from this world by referring to historical events and occurences. This implies that the world is actually not without history even though it regards itself as being without past, a constant "now". Something that only affects those possessing the knowledge of these clues in the form of small pieces of text, the downloaders. It also serves as contrast to a society that has no concept of history. The alienation of the small number of downloaders is so much greater when they are alone in this awareness. So what happens to the minds of the people who strive, against impossible odds, to change things when they feel that they are surrounded by people who are content with the Way Things Are, at the same time as they know for a fact that there is more to reality than these people could imagine?

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