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"Infotrip" är det andra albumet i Mattias Elftorps engelskspråkiga serie "Piracy is Liberation". Det utgavs av C'est Bon Kultur 2007, men gick dessförinnan följetong i fanzinet C'est Bon nr 7, 10 och 11.


Ur förordet:
The world I have built is a world where anything is possible. We can go anywhere, because any hope we ever had of going in a straight line has died violently a long time ago.

Of course, that's not true in the City. In the City, there’s only one way, even with the illusion of multiple paths. And it isn't going anywhere. Everything is the same as it has always been, a state of constant evolution that changes nothing. So there's no need for a past or future. Imagine a world where you have no concept of history. Imagine a world consisting entirely of buildings and maybe a glimpse now and then of the sky, but you can never see the stars. Imagine a world without war. Then imagine finding out that there's something more. Something outside, and you can go there.

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